“Diamond Glass Azerbaijan” LLC company is entitled to render the following construction services based on the License no İNIL-421/2018, dated 02 October 2018 of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 

  • Special civil works
  • Grounding the anchors and construction of building in a style called “ground as wall”
  • Installation of landing wells and caissons
  • Installation of concrete and iron-concrete infrastructures
  • Installation of metallic infrastructures
  • Installation of wooden infrastructures
  • Facade works
  • Installation of engineering-communication and networks
  • Construction and installation of special equipment
  • Electricity transmission lines
  • Construction of industrial and civil structures
  • Construction of industrial and civil structures with spans up to 24 meters
  • Construction of industrial and civil structures with spans of or above 24 meters
  • Construction of industrial and civil structures up to 60 meters height
  • Construction of industrial and civil structures over 60 meters height
  • Construction of industrial and civil structures with capacity for up to 5000 people
  • Construction of industrial and civil structures with capacity for 5000 people or over

This license enables us to implement construction and installation works of the buildings and structures that are subject to permission. Along with it, our company continues to provide valuable recommendations to the partner companies in all projects. 

About us

Diamond Glass Azerbaijan LTD is established by finance specialists who have long-term experience in building, construction and glass supply projects. The purpose behind establishment was to meet the needs of the local construction companies to quality glass installation and support them in complex projects. Along with supplying glass systems, DGA provides recommendations to the partners on the fields of glass supply and façade systems. DGA is one of the leaders in the glass consulting in the country. For example, DGA has provided its recommendations and support to the companies from Russia, Georgia and Turkey. Our company has also experience with complex construction projects with international companies and donors. 

Our values 

At DGA we are known for our fair competition principles. Respecting our partners’ values, meeting deadlines, fulfilling the trust, competing ethically against competitors are our main principles. As a company supporting fair competition, we are against gaining unfair advantage and we demonstrate this position in our activities. We never give up in front of technical difficulties during project implementation phase and we spend every effort to solve problems through consolidation of efforts together with our partners.

Our Main Purpose Is Customer Satisfaction

We always pay attention to project planning. Planning simultaneous projects and delivering them in a timely manner are our strengths. We efficiently respond to customer requests and questions not only prior to project delivery but after the delivery as well. Known as a reliable partner,  DGA has always received positive feedback from its clients.

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Open positions

We are interested in hiring qualified specialists. Please apply if you have required knowledge and skills specified in the Services page.